Programming languages to learn in 2020 and reasons to

Programming languages to learn in 2020 and reasons to

  1. Python

I chose this as number one choice because its a an easy language to learn for anyone willing to learn, here’s why. Past languages like C++, C# requires high level of expertise to get due to the technicalities in those languages but python is easier for beginners to learn than those previously mentioned and it’s used to develop web apps, used for short basic programs, Machine learning.

2. Swift

I chose this as my number to because of it’s very useful to develop iOS applications, as we know most developers out there focus on android apps because its open source , wells iOS DEVELOPERS are relatively small out there if you interested in iOS development this is the right language for you.

3. Java

Well, most are familiar with this both in the computing field and those not in. Java is a language used for various platforms, it can be used to develop android apps for those willing to venture into it.

4. Php

Quite popular but low developers on the net learning this and here’s why ? Lacks poor error handling while using it, it’s a server based scripting language tho. But quite good for backend web development, supports Obeject oriented programming.

5. Javascript

Nice front end framework but can also be used for back end web development too if you go deeper, makes a website interactive. If you interested in front-end web design this is the right language for you as it has lots of resources and support.

In conclusion, there are other vast languages to learn but as we know the world is changing fast and we have to meet up this are still the least common and most useful languages on right now.

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