Why are Nigerians so upset about the recent scandal at Babcock University?  Is it even a scandal?

Perhaps, if the video wasn’t leaked, nobody would have known what transpired between two consenting adults. “Consenting adult” are the key words here, since everyone on twitter was quick to highlight the fact that both agreed to have sex and perhaps both agreed to tape it as well, but the issue is beyond all the points mentioned on twitter i.e. “she didn’t do it on school property and she agreed to it”

Regardless of how normal the episode would seem to the countless youth moving under the umbrella of a libertine ideology, that ideology doesn’t happen to be the case with the society at large. Babcock University for one, caters to the conservative minds of parents who are willing to pay that much for regimented tertiary education. And if that conservativeness, which is a best seller, is threatened in any way, the university obviously would distance itself from such controversy.

Now, a lot of virtue signalling has been done these few days, with some verified accounts tweeting in a manner that suggest they could reinstate the expelled student or possibly, take legal action against the school. But really who are we kidding? This sextape is going to blow over and Nigerians would return to hiding behind closed doors to perform activities that they would generally broadcast on social media. Nigerians have to realise that twitter trends if I should say, such as Feminism and extremely liberal views are still just on twitter and have no actual worth in the Nigerian reality. With this said, discussions should switch from complaints to progressive dialogue on how to get the Nigeria the youths want, which makes sense- considering the fact that 60% of Nigerians are below 25.

It makes sense to wish both participants in the sex tape well, but since twitter users only saw the girl, the boy might as well die of depression or however he feels. Nigerians especially the ones on twitter should just take what happened this week, as another story that constitutes the news cycle for this week and not get too worked up over it. cheers.

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