We make use of social media as a tool for the publicity of brands, individuals, organizations and the public in general in making sure their products and services get to the target audience!


We make us of social media as a means of displaying all kinds of advertisements (Business, industrial or any advertisement content provided to us) on any social media platform requested of us.


We utilize the use of social media to aid political, educational, religious, and social campaigns extensively, and getting the best output/results possible.

What we offer:

Instagram Coverage

We offer both small and large scale Instagram coverage on every project we handle, this could occur weekly, monthly or splitted between months annually, depending on preference.

Twitter Trends

We run Twitter Trends conveniently reaching the target audience of over 5 million twitter users nationwide. The trends could occur daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the preference of our clients.

Page Growth

We offer services in helping update posts and contents on our clients Instagram and Twitter pages daily, for as long as our clients subscribes to. Also we grow followers on our client’s pages at an affordable rate.

Why Choose Us?

Queen’s Media Services is an online agency that handles every form of publicity and marketing using social media as a platform. It was founded and is co-ordinated by Mercy Joe who happens to be a very prominent, influential and active social media user. We execute every project well and deliver the best output imaginable and guarantee the following:

Representing your brands and companies in a decent and attractive manner until the conclusion of every project assigned to us.

Protection of your personal details during and after the completion of your projects.